fbpx Inspirations art exhibition - Haileybury

Inspirations art exhibition

An exciting art exhibition, put on by national art company Art-Amis, will be mounted in the Attlee Room in September.

All parents, pupils, friends and associates of Haileybury are invited to attend two exclusive preview evenings to view the work of seven contemporary artists, as well as to hear them talk about their work.

Art-Amis is a national art company based in Hertfordshire, founded with the sole intention of raising the profile of its select group of artists. The company is constantly working on initiatives to raise the profile of its artists, but importantly also invests in future generations by giving art students exposure to professional artists to gain a realistic understanding of their careers and lives.

Alongside the show in September, the artists will be inspiring students, over two days, in special workshops designed to give a greater insight into the world of art and the techniques these artists use to create their works.

The VIP evenings take place on 15 and 16 September while the public exhibition is from 17 to 21 September. For more information on Art-Amis, see www.art-amis.co.uk