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Haileybury XV gets national recognition

For the first time ever, Haileybury has won the Rugby World Team of the Month award. There have been several occasions in the past few years when we have been very close to this prestigious national award but have always just lost out to other schools.

Director of Sport, Ian George, explains that the award is for the school whom the judges feel has had the best results/performances each month.

"They look at the results, the quality of the opposition and so on. The panel then nominates a final 12 schools from which it picks the eventual winner," he says.

The award comes in recognition of some outstanding results for Haileybury in September:

Redruth Colts (A) 40-12 Won
Truro School (A) 18-12 Won
Marlborough (A) 24-12 Won
Sevenoaks (H) 13-3 Won
Uppingham (H) 36-8 Won
Bedford Modern (H) 17-11 Won

"Undoubtedly the highlight so far this season has been the emphatic victory over Uppingham who, the previous week, had beaten another famous rugby-playing school, Ampleforth."

The success has been based on a big and mobile set of forwards with Ben Thomas (BFr), Ed Rayfield (Tr) and the Captain, David Gregory (BFr), outstanding. Those who played for the XV in September include:

A Clark (L), J Smith (B), K Sukhenenko (K), T Laskey (L), B Thomas (BFr), D Gregory (Capt, BFr), E Rayfield (Tr), O Sexton (B), W Englander (E), F Wilhelm (L), S Thurgood (E), G Martindale (L), G Morris (B), S Hurst (L), J Middleton (BFr), L Bruinders (K), M Gervoson (BFr), J Peters (L), B Fawcett (L) and T Berg (BFr).