Haileybury will feature on the cover of Pevsner’s Hertfordshire Architectural Guide

We are pleased to announce that our magnificent Terrace and Chapel will feature on the cover of the Pevsner Architectural Guide to Hertfordshire which is to be published in 2019. 

Built in 1877, Chapel was designed by the architect Arthur Blomfield and constructed in the Lombard Romanesque style, topped by a dome and cupola which make a striking landmark that is visible from many miles away.

Cruciform in shape, Chapel was extensively modified in the 1930s with a variety of internal alterations and, in particular, by the extension of the apse by 15 feet out into the Quadrangle.

The Pevsner Architectural Guides are a series of guide books that celebrate the architecture of Great Britain and Ireland. Each volume provides an introductory overview of the architecture of the area, followed by a descriptive gazetteer arranged alphabetically by place.

The Pevsner Architectural Guide devoted to Hertfordshire is a fully revised and up-to-date guide to the architecture of the county; an eye-opening introduction to the wealth of fine buildings that can be found right on London’s doorstep.

The Pevsner Architectural Guide to Hertfordshire is expected to be published on 26 March 2019.