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Haileybury Celebrates Grand Opening of SciTech

The past week saw three significant launch events celebrating Haileybury’s SciTech Centre, a cutting-edge innovation hub supporting advanced STEM programming and partnership. The grand opening ceremonies were also held to express gratitude to donors who contributed to the realisation our newest facility. Master Martin Collier and Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, renowned astrophysicist, conducted the ribbon-cutting ceremony and plaque unveiling on 14 March 2024—a proud and momentous occasion for our School.

The launch events for Haileybury’s SciTech Centre were not only marked by ceremonial proceedings but also by engaging activities that brought special guests and supporters closer to its purpose. Pupils took the lead in conducting experiments and guiding tours, showcasing the facility’s capabilities and fostering a hands-on learning experience for all attendees. Additionally, cocktail-style events provided a relaxed atmosphere for networking and celebration, allowing donors, Governors and guests to mingle and share in the excitement of the occasion. The personalised touch of seeing supporters’ names represented on signage throughout the building added a sense of pride and recognition, acknowledging their contributions to the project.

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Our SciTech building represents a major advancement in science and technology education, featuring cutting-edge laboratories for natural sciences, computer science, robotics, VR, AI and design technology. The modern facility aims to enhance pupil learning by providing access to the latest technology and fostering a culture of scientific exploration. The building also hosts world class provision through our Stan-X programme, focusing on genetics research using fruit flies to combat diseases like diabetes and pancreatic cancer. Moreover, the construction of these innovative spaces prioritises sustainability, with features such as solar panels, green roofs, and eco-friendly materials like cross-laminated timber.

The launch of Haileybury’s SciTech Centre heralds a new era of innovation for current and future Haileyburians. We express our sincere gratitude to all donors, special guests, and contributors who made this vision a reality. Whose support will help foster curiosity and drive discovery at Haileybury.