fbpx Work is under way to create state-of-the-art Science and Technology buildings at Haileybury - Haileybury

Work is under way to create state-of-the-art Science and Technology buildings at Haileybury

Ground has been broken as work is under way to create new state-of-the-art Science and Technology buildings that will revolutionise teaching and learning in these subjects.

The SciTech project will house globally renowned research and provide exceptional teaching and learning for its pupils and community.

The Master of Haileybury, Martin Collier, and Estate Director, Stuart Hay, alongside the team at Kier, came together to mark the beginning of construction. The development of the site is now underway and due for completion in Autumn 2023.

Once completed, the new buildings will double the size of the School’s current provision. The new buildings will include new science laboratories, the latest IT suites, and robotics and DT facilities. It will also feature twenty inter-connected teaching and seminar spaces and an outdoor courtyard.

The purpose of these innovative buildings is to improve the already strong science provision at the School by offering the latest technology to further challenge pupils and enhance their skills. It will provide the space and opportunity for Haileybury to not only teach science to its pupils but allow them to become scientists.

The buildings will be home to international and pioneering research including the prestigious Stan-X project, a revolutionary study of genetics using fruit flies, which is contributing to the efforts to find cures for human diseases such as diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

Haileybury is the first school in Europe to participate in Stan-X, enabling its pupils to work on university-standard research, alongside scientists at Stanford University and the University of Oxford. Existing Stan-X partnerships’ research findings, co-authored by pupils and instructors, have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at international meetings. Similar outcomes are expected from the Stan-X partnership with Haileybury.

The new buildings will benefit the local community, with pupils at Haileybury’s partner secondary academy, Haileybury Turnford, also able to utilise and experience the facilities.

The build is set to be sustainable with features such as solar panels, green roofs, ground-source heat pumps to heat the buildings and cross-laminated timber which is an eco-friendly material. This is a big step towards the School’s sustainability goals and its aim to become net zero.


“We are thrilled to see groundwork begin as we progress towards making our Science and Technology buildings a reality. This is an incredibly exciting time for the School as we push boundaries to provide the best possible teaching and learning opportunities for our pupils, staff and wider community.

At Haileybury, we are creative, innovative and at the forefront of technology and believe that the essence of science is discovery. That is why our new buildings are designed to not only teach our pupils about cutting edge science but provide them with the opportunity to be scientists, experimenting, testing theories and for some, delivering vitally important research as part of the Stan X partnership.

These new facilities will inspire the next generation of scientists, mechanics and engineers and equip our pupils with the essential skills to progress on to study Science and Technology subjects at leading universities.

We are also proud that the buildings will feature many sustainable elements as we bring science to life and strive to reach our net zero targets. We look forward to opening the buildings next Autumn.”Martin Collier, the Master


“It’s a privilege to work on this exciting project for Haileybury School. We’re experts in delivering SciTech and education spaces, and we’ll use our experience to create state-of-the-art facilities for teaching staff and pupils to use for many years to come.

As well as creating a bespoke SciTech building, the project will be extremely sustainable, utilising the latest construction methods in the build, such as cross-laminated timber to reduce embodied carbon.”Ian Gifford, Regional Director at Kier Construction Eastern and Midlands