fbpx Stan-X - Haileybury


Stan-X is a pioneering study of genetics that allows pupils to work alongside scientists at Stanford University and the University of Oxford in finding cures for diseases such as pancreatic cancer and diabetes.

First of its kind in Europe, this ground-breaking programme enables pupils to research the genetic processes that drive human diseases by identifying phenotypic markers in Drosophila melanogaster, otherwise known as fruit flies. Fruit flies are genetically 60% identical to humans, approximately 75% of genes that have the ability to cause illnesses in humans are present in fruit flies. This makes Drosophila excellent models for the study of human diseases.

Sixth Form pupils work on this inspiring study within a purpose-built laboratory using high-tech microscopes. Evidence collected at Haileybury contributes to the investigation of diseases that is being completed by a global community of researchers. Research findings co-authored by pupils and teachers are published in peer-reviewed science journals and may be presented at international meetings, as has been the case in past programmes.

After a rigorous interview process, we are extremely proud of the pupils who are selected to take part in this exceptional opportunity.