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Embracing Artificial Intelligence in the classroom

Haileybury has always been an early adopter of educational technology. When Artificial Intelligence (AI) gained marked momentum in 2023, our School knew we needed to devise a strategy for how we would teach responsible use and prepare pupils for their future workplaces. Haileybury took a bold step in promoting the safe and considered use of AI when other educational institutions were banning it.

In a recent interview, Tom Wade, Assistant Head (Digital Strategy and Learning) shared Haileybury’s approach to AI and what led to our School’s decision to promote the guided use of emerging tools in academic investigation. In his conversation with Deputy Master, Simon Heard, he uncovers that while other schools were restricting use, Haileybury struck a dedicated Digital Strategy Committee to determine how best to integrate AI in the classroom, engage parents and train staff.

Haileyburians learning in dedicated computer science labs.

“AI features extensively throughout the Computer Science curriculum. We offer a pioneering and highly innovative Advanced AI Removes pathway, examining the sophisticated use of AI in such areas as machine learning, natural language processing, automatic image generation and large language models…GCSE, A level and IB students also use AI tools as part of their course specifications, and the aim at Haileybury is to teach students how to embrace and navigate through this innovative technology, in an ethical and safe manner.”

Mr Stephen Trask, Head of Computer Science & Director of Data and Business Process