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Double Gold for Antonio

Antonio Infantino (Tr) won double Gold in the Under 17 Men’s 100m and 200m during the Hertfordshire County Championships on Sunday at the Woodside Stadium in Watford.

Despite the terrible weather conditions, he broke the 200m record which has stood since 1983. His times on the day were faster than the Under 20 and Senior Men’s competitions.

Antonio also found out recently that he has preliminary selection from the British Olympic Association to represent Great Britain in the European Youth Olympic Festival in July. Depending on his performances prior to this at major championships, Antonio could be selected for the World Youth Championships in July instead. Final selection for both these meetings takes place the end of June.

In a meeting 10 days ago, he ran times of 10.7s in the 100m, which places him 1st on the Under 17 Men’s UK rankings and joint 1st for the 200m with a time of 21.8s.

Congratulations to Antonio!