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Dido and Aeneas hits all the right notes

The Spring Term came to a crescendo with a triumphant performance of Henry Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas.

Dido and Aeneas is based on the love story from Virgil’s Latin epic poem Aeneid and tells the tale of Dido, Queen of Carthage (Eva A), and the Prince of Troy, Aeneas (Hugh R).

When Aeneas and his crew become shipwrecked in Carthage, he and the Queen fall in love. However, witches (Issy T and Tara T) start plotting his destruction and the Sorcerer (Fabian T-G) conjures a storm, with tragic consequences. 

All of the solo performers played their roles with intensity and really brought the dramatic masterpiece to life.

There was plenty of superb singing and music from the Haileybury Chapel Choir, Chamber Choir and Choral Society, conducted by Director of Music Mr Andrew O’Brien and Music Teacher Mrs Jo Hembrough.

During the concert, the String Orchestra also performed Gustav Holst’s Brook Green Suite and there was a rendition of Antonio Vivaldi’s Guitar Concerto in D RV 93.