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Haileybury Connect launches a new initiative: Connect Features

Haileybury Connect has recently launched a new initiative called Connect Features, which is a series of short films showing our current pupils the achievements of Old Haileyburian’s (OH’s).

The first film in the series features OH Alex Blakesley, a mechanical design engineer working for University College London (UCL). Throughout the pandemic, Alex has been working with a small team of engineers to re-design CPAP machines for critically ill Covid patients around the world. Their pioneering work has now transformed the care for many of those suffering from Covid-19.

In the feature, Alex discusses the process of re-designing the machine and how he and his colleagues then brought it to market, so that it could be transported to countries all over the world. The designs have been made open source to allow others to replicate their designs, allowing thousands of people to receive the critical care they need.

“When the Coronavirus outbreak occurred, we needed a fast way to treat these patients who were struggling to breathe. And although ventilators that are currently used in the NHS are a good solution, they are expensive to make and take a long time to manufacture. So we went back to this old technology and slightly changed the design, and then mass-manufactured it in a very small timescale to allow some of the demand to be met in NHS hospitals.”

The film is available to view here. Stay tuned for the next Connect Feature.

On Tuesday 4 May, there is another exciting Connect Careers webinar with a new theme of AI and software development. Pupils can hear first-hand from OH’s who have experience within this cutting edge industry. Panellists include:

Nadya Mere (OH left 2016)
UI Developer and First Class graduate and postgraduate of Imperial College London

Tristan Clark (OH left 2013)
Software Developer and First Class graduate and postgraduate of the University of Bristol and Imperial College London

Alex Gaskell (OH left in 2013)
PhD student in AI at Imperial, and First Class graduate of the University of Cambridge

If you are interested in joining the webinar, sign up here.
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