Haileybury’s half-term in the coming Autumn term, 2007, will now start at 4.30 pm on Friday 19 October and not Thursday 25 October. The return date remains Sunday (evening) 4 November for boarders and Monday morning 5 November for day pupils.

A particular requirement at the time led to Haileybury fixing its original dates before any other relevant schools’, including Hertfordshire maintained schools’, dates had been published. It later emerged Haileybury was a week out of alignment with the local maintained sector and with many prep schools at which Haileybury parents had younger children. On balance, it was felt best to extend Haileybury’s break backwards to accommodate the problem.

This should be welcome news to those who would otherwise have been significantly inconvenienced. Our apologies to any for whom this dates change causes rather than cures a problem.

The Field Weekend (CCF, D of E and Removes Geography Field Trips) scheduled for 20-22 October has been provisionally re-scheduled to 6-8 October 2007. Since this Field Weekend requires the attendance of all Removes, Middles and Fifths, parents of these pupils should please make a note in the family diary.

The move to a two-week Autumn half-term is purely accidental on this occasion and does not necessarily indicate an intention to repeat this in Autumn 2008.