fbpx Boys' athletics team in regional finals - Haileybury

Boys' athletics team in regional finals

Haileybury’s Inter Boys athletics team (15 boys from Removes and Middles) have made it through to the East Anglia Regional Finals of the National Track and Field Cup, with the 33rd highest score in the country out of the 542 schools competing.

Although we’ll need to improve to make the final (top 12), especially as we are drawn in the toughest region, boasting no fewer than 24 of the top 35 teams countrywide, some excellent recent performances may well mean we have a good chance.

"With some tactical adjustments and luck on our side, we hope to make the final 12," says Ian George, Director of Sport.

The finals are to be held on Thursday, 21 June 2012 at Woodside Stadium, Garston, Watford from 10:30am.

Individual results are:

Callum Scutt and Mubarak Odensi 36pts – GOLD AWARD
Alex McCormick 30pts – SILVER AWARD
Austin Winton 35pts – GOLD AWARD
Alex Henderson 30pts – SILVER AWARD
Christian Scales 49pts – PLATINUM AWARD
Marcus Sarno 35pts – GOLD AWARD
James Gates 30pts – SILVER AWARD
Will Vooght 22pts – BRONZE AWARD
Eric Chu 44pts – GOLD AWARD
James Brooking 23pts – BRONZE AWARD
Luke Dinwoodie 30pts – SILVER AWARD
Henry Distasio 26pts – BRONZE AWARD
Robbie Irving 29pts – SILVER AWARD
Sasha Loginov 30pts – SILVER AWARD