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Biology Week: New worlds magnified through engaging activities

With a ‘build your own skeleton’ workshop, a cancer research webinar, dissections, quizzes and even a bake-off, Biology Week had something for everyone.

Endorsed by The Royal Society of Biology, the pupil-led activities took place in science labs across a series of evening sessions.

“It provides a platform for pupils to express their ideas and perspectives, whilst celebrating their passion for the subject,” said Biology teacher Chris Metcalfe, who helped organise the week.

“Some pupils have used this opportunity to explore biological disciplines beyond the school curriculum such as male pregnancy in animals and multiple sclerosis (MS).”

Polina, who’s in Lower Sixth, can only see the popularity of such events growing. “It was an amazing opportunity to expand our knowledge and pick up interesting and amazing facts,” she said.

“I made numerous small discoveries for myself and now I’m willing to research even further and maybe do more talks in the future.”

The Haileybury Biology Society, established in 2017, masterminded the week of events which included a talk from Caroline Lewis, Director of the Metabolite Profiling Facility at the Whitehead Institute.

Her work, in collaboration with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has involved cancer research and the accuracy of different study techniques.

“I enjoyed sharing the great work by our collaborators with the students of Haileybury,” she tweeted after the talk. “Even if it was odd not to be in the same room! They asked some fantastic questions.”

The Biology House Quizzes for juniors and seniors were both won by Batten.