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Meet the Housemaster

The third-oldest House at Haileybury, Thomason is a diverse and inclusive House with boys pursuing a range of interests. Our ambition is for the boys to be kind and make progress along their chosen pathways at Haileybury.

Dougal Lyon Housemaster of Thomason

Dougal Lyon became HM of Thomason in September 2018 and teaches Geography.

Dougal was educated at Blundell’s School before reading Geography at Southampton University. He completed his PGCE at Brasenose College, Oxford and, latterly, a Masters’ degree in Learning and Teaching also at Oxford. Following four years teaching Geography at Christ College, Brecon, he was appointed Head of Geography at Framlingham College in Suffolk. Aside from his Housemastering and teaching, he coaches rugby and golf.

Dougal is supported by his wife and they have a young son plus a (very spoiled) Labrador. In the holidays, Dougal enjoys shooting and golf.

Dougal’s priorities are that the boys are kind, make progress and have fun.

House character

As one of three centrally located Houses, Thomason enjoys stunning views into the main quad and the memorial quad. The boys are academically ambitious and are encouraged to further their co-curricular interests whatever they may be. There is a purposeful yet calm atmosphere and the boys form friendships, which straddle the age groups.

House facilities

Thomason has two main communal spaces, which include a large common room with where table tennis and table football are fiercely contested. This is also a formal space for House meetings and the walls are decked with photographs and honours boards. The smaller TV room has a communal kitchen off it and it is very popular indeed!


Thomason was the third House to be opened at Haileybury.

The House colours are blue and yellow, adapted from Trinity College, Cambridge, the alma mater of the Reverend Lewis Prance, Thomason’s first Housemaster. The House badge is described as “a griffin’s head, couped between two wings sable” (a truncated griffin between two black wings).

Tutors and HPA representative

Dougal is supported by an experienced and perceptive team of seven tutors who, guide the boys academically. They also spend evenings on duty in the House. Our matron, Sarah has a wonderful relationship with the boys as do our cleaners, Linda and Louise. Our HPA representative, Michelle has two boys in the House and we are very grateful for all the social events she organises for Thomason parents.