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Lawrence (girls)

Integrity, loyalty, support, achievement and lifelong friendship are values at the heart of the Lawrence ethos, such values will shape and bond the Lawrence girls together during their time here and prepare them for life beyond school.

Nicky Payne-Cook
Housemistress of Lawrence


Lawrence is one of the original two houses at Haileybury. It was named after Sir John Lawrence, later Lord Lawrence sometime Viceroy of India. The House was closed in 1940, only to reopen shortly after the amalgamation with Imperial Service College and was renamed Lawrence, this time after Sir John’s brother, Sir Henry Lawrence. The House colours are navy and magenta and the House badge, the skull and crossbones, is accompanied by Horace’s Latin aphorism ‘Carpe Diem.’ This motto symbolises one of the core values of Lawrence and will challenge every girl to take all the opportunities offered to them, both at school and in life beyond. Famous Old Lawrencians include former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Clement Attlee and Formula 1 Racing driver Sir Stirling Moss OBE.

House Character

The new cohort of girls can learn a great deal from the Lawrence boys and old-Lawrencians and we will carry forward the ethos of “integrity, loyalty, support, achievement and lifelong friendship.” The common room sits in a central location and will certainly feel like the “heart of the house” a wonderful place for the girls to get together, share experiences and form memories.

Representing the house in inter-house competitions and supporting one another in all aspects of school life, whether that be academic achievements, sporting, musical or a drama performances will be at the forefront of building the new Lawrence community. We will celebrate individual and collective successes and learn from one another and encourage all to be the best version of themselves.

House Facilities

Lawrence is set to undergo extensive renovation and refurbishment during the Summer of 2021 in preparation for it being converted from a boys’ boarding house to a girls’ house. These plans are really exciting and are set to modernise and embellish the already homely and welcoming layout where girls of all ages will be able to work, meet, socialise and relax in a “home from home” environment.

Lawrence holds prime location on campus with easy access to Quad, Chapel, Big School, the Form room block, dining hall, music school, maths, DT, science and the sports facilities! (No excuse for Lawrence girls to be late getting anywhere!!)

The girls will have bedrooms laid out over two floors, with two large common room areas and two kitchens as well as two ‘wellbeing spaces’ where the girls can relax. The house will also have a laundry facility for the girls to use if they wish.

The Removes and Middles will sleep in rooms of 3 or 4, with the Vths and Lower sixth sharing in pairs or singles and Upper sixth having their own individual rooms. Fast broadband WiFi will be available throughout the house.

A new garden awaits the Lawrence girls and with its south facing location they will make the most of relaxing (and studying!) in the sunshine!

Meet the Housemistress

Nicky Payne-Cook has been appointed Housemistress of Lawrence and is ready to welcome the girls to the newly converted and refurbished boarding house in September 2021. Nicky has a degree in Sports Science and a PGCE in Physical Education and has been teaching at Haileybury for just over 20 years. She has held a variety of different positions during her time here including Head of Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE), Houseparent of Highfield, Assistant Housemistress of Alban’s and Allenby, Head of Girls’ Games, Head of Netball and Head of Athletics.

Nicky enjoys teaching PSHE and PE and being fully involved in coaching girls’ sport here at Haileybury. She has played competitive sport to a high level throughout her time at school and University in a variety of sports. Nicky is particularly proud of her 100m PB of 12.6 seconds and as rowing is a passion of hers she is hoping to get back into a boat very soon!

Nicky has four children; her eldest daughter Ella is in the Upper sixth and plans to pursue a career in Physical Education, Ollie is in the Vth form, Archie is in LS2 and Sophie is starting in LS1 in September. Their golden cocker spaniel Rosie will also be joining them in Lawrence. (A second litter of puppies is on the cards for later in the year so Nicky will be looking for some help with the pups from willing Lawrence girls!!)