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Meet the Housemistress

Cat Salisbury became Housemistress of Allenby in January 2024 having joined Haileybury in 2018. She is the current Head of Art and has been a tutor in Allenby since joining Haileybury. Cat is a fair-weather runner, keen yogi and enjoys spending time cooking and baking when she can.

With its nooks and crannies, secret corridors and little staircases that double-back on themselves, Allenby feels more like a lovable eccentric old home than a boarding house. Girls from all over the world live here and really feel part of our big, friendly family, mixing and socializing in our big downstairs Common Room, or turning out in large numbers to cheer on our house teams.

House character

Allenby has a reputation for being friendly and fun, but the girls are also recognised as being kind, caring and hard-working.

It is this combination that makes Allenby such a special place. Regardless of age, the girls join together to create a strong, closely-knit community, looking out for and supporting each other.

The emphasis in Allenby is on commitment, teamwork, trust and responsibility. Together, Cat, the Housemistress, and her Tutor team provide a secure, happy environment in which girls can enjoy their time and achieve success at Haileybury.

Girls are encouraged not only to reach their full academic best, and get into the university of their choice, but also to become well-rounded, socially-aware citizens who contribute fully to society.

They should be able to hold their own in the world of work, sustain relationships with others and, in time, pass on stable values to their own families.

House facilities

There are two large Common Rooms, as well as a computer room. Fast broadband WiFi is available throughout the House.


Allenby was built in 1867 by its first Housemaster, the poet and mystic James Rhoades, and was originally called Highfield, presumably because of its location.

Having been converted, Allenby re-opened as the second of Haileybury’s five girls’ houses in 1984.

The house badge is of an eagle displayed, an eagle being the symbol of courage, perspicacity and strength. The house motto is Sursum Corda (raise up your hearts), also the motto of Haileybury itself, and house colours are blue and pale blue.

Tutors and HPA representative

Cat is supported in her work by Amanda Price, House Matron, who helps with the day-to-day domestic management of the House and an experienced team of Tutors. The House also has its own representative from the Haileybury Parents’ Association (HPA).

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