fbpx A Level Excellence - Haileybury

A Level Excellence

As expected the Haileybury leavers of 2005 produced outstanding A Level and IB results.

72.0% of A Level entries were at grade A or B which is a 2.2% improvement on the previous best ever results, achieved in 2003, and a 9.3% improvement on the results in 2004.

This figure has risen by over 20% since the late 90s which is far ahead of any allowance which might be made for the much discussed grade inflation.

When the results of the 40 pupils who took the International Diploma are added to those of the 100 A Level candidates the proportion of A and B grades rises to 74.3%, very marginally below the comparable figure in 2003, 74.5%.

The Master, Mr Stuart Westley, commented that the whole community was delighted that their high hopes had come to fruition which is further clear evidence of a school which has strengthened considerably on every measure in recent years. Virtually all pupils had secured a place at a good university, most at their first choice. They deserved hearty congratulations.