fbpx International Partner Schools' Dinner - Haileybury

International Partner Schools' Dinner

It was a pleasure to welcome the Heads of our international partner schools to Haileybury for the International Schools’ Dinner.

This annual event provides the five Headteachers with the opportunity to meet and discuss educational matters and to explore areas for mutual cooperation.
We are delighted that next summer, a group of students from Kazakhstan will come to the UK to visit some British Universities and will spend some time staying at Haileybury. There are also plans for a joint conference on sustainability, and other partnership opportunities will be explored throughout the year.
Pictured (left to right) are the Headteachers: Simon Mills (Haileybury Almaty, Kazakhstan), Simon O’Grady (Haileybury Bhaluka, Bangladesh), Louise Salmond-Smith (Haileybury Malta), Martin Collier (Haileybury UK) and John Coles (Haileybury Astana, Kazakhstan).