fbpx 18 Prep schools compete for Science trophy - Haileybury

18 Prep schools compete for Science trophy

Eighteen Prep schools will be competing against each other this Thursday for the annual Haileybury Science Challenge trophy.

Pupils will be required to perform three tasks in their teams and, judging from the sneak preview we’ve had into the publicity material, it looks as though the theme will be around Pirates of the Caribbean!

Following the Biology, Chemistry and Physics tasks, prize giving will be held at 4pm in the Attlee Room. Good luck to the following schools who will be participating:

Beechwood Park
The Cavendish School (London NW1)
Hendon Prep
Lockers Park
Loyola Prep
Orwell Park
Quainton Hall
Ralph Sadleir
Rosemead Prep (London SE21)
St Aubyns
St Johns
Vita et Pax
Westbrook Hay