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Young Scientists

Thursday 7th March saw some 50 young scientists from prep schools all over the south east of England competing for the much-coveted Haileybury Science Challenge Awards. The object of the day was to save Indiana Jones (played by Oliver Miller -Hailey U6) from danger. To do this the youngsters, all aged 11, had to perform experiments in biology, chemistry and physics designed to test their scientific skills. Tasks included providing an antidote to the poisoned chalice, determining the DNA of Professor Sour Claw and finally rescuing Indiana from the Valley of Death across the Haileybury Swimming Pool! Overall winners were The Beacon School, who took home a programmable computerised robot. Cash prizes also went to Orwell Park, Lockers Park and Edge Grove. Prizes were awarded by Richard Crooks of Merck, Sharpe and Dohme in Hoddesdon, sponsors of the event.