fbpx Yearlings A win 1-0 against Habs - Haileybury

Yearlings A win 1-0 against Habs

Goal: Nilesh Bhugoowan

POM: Nilesh Bhugoowan

The Yearlings A team secured their best result of the season against a talented Haberdashers side. The boys played with wonderful commitment and determination throughout. Nilesh Bhugoowan kept up his remarkable scoring run (he has scored in every game this season). This was probably his best goal too, as he beat three before calmly putting the ball in the bottom corner.

This was a complete team performance, but the back four (Arnie Englander, Eric Chu, Jack Reed and Alistair Walker) were outstanding and repelled wave after wave of opposition attacks, including an amazing goal line clearance from Jack Reed, and Ollie Cummins, Marcus Sarno and Philip Wistow ran themselves to a standstill in Midfield and kept tracking their men even at the very end of the game.

There were also some tremendous saves from the fast improving Harry Hughes in goal. The boys should be very proud of their efforts. This was the epitome of a hard fought win!