fbpx XIII Haileybury Assembly 'gratifying' - Haileybury

XIII Haileybury Assembly 'gratifying'

The XIIIth Haileybury Assembly, the Political Society’s Mock Parliament, took place on Tuesday.

Two motions were laid before the House, on abortion and on the smacking of children. Both elicited a high standard of debate, with lots of research and good preparation evident from some very erudite and fluent speakers.

James Shepherd, in particular, dominated the chamber with his eloquence and style, but others shone too – like James Skinner, who was reasoned, academic and impressive. George Warren and Luke Mason were both serious, clear and logical; Ellie Haslam was cerebral and clinical. Jeremy Simmons had everyone in stitches with a very humorous speech and Yana Shubina and Annika Naidoo produced very effective summaries. There was good supporting work from Dimitris Xenakis, Ben Murphy, Ermek Korzhumbaev and Chris Greer.

A large crowd of "backbenchers" turned up and there were stout questions from the floor – which James Shepherd led the way in handling effectively, although he did do a few twists and turns, in true political style!

A most enjoyable evening overall.