fbpx XI beat Kings, Canterbury 2-1 - Haileybury

XI beat Kings, Canterbury 2-1

The boys’ hockey team had one of its most successful afternoons in their history with a stunning set of results against Kings, Canterbury last Saturday, with our teams scoring 31 goals across the seven fixtures.

The 1st XI led the way with a great 2-1 victory. Tom Billings was a permanently probing presence in midfield where he gave a typically forceful performance. His incisive pass through the top of the Kings D was deftly deflected into the goal by Mark Agass, who also slotted the second goal from a slickly executed penalty corner routine.

In the meantime, Kings bundled in a chance to invite a potentially tight finish but the character of our XI is growing by the week and we remained composed, kept possession and closed out a deserved victory.

Results from across the school:

1st XI WON 2-1
2nd XI WON 4-3
3rd XI WON 9-0
CB WON 9-0
YA WON 3-0