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Willow Foundation Cheque

The Heads of School presented a cheque for £10,816.26 to a representative of the Willow Foundation last week as the result of monies raised by pupils and staff who took part in the Channel Swim in July this year.

Two relay teams took part in the swim, each made up of 4 pupils (boys and girls 13-18) and 2 staff.

This terrific achievement was the result of six months hard training early every morning and four acclimatising swims in the Channel to prepare them for the 33km swim in freezing water. Nothing could quite prepare them for the jellyfish, oil, tankers and more that they had to contend with. Many congratulations to both teams. The Willow Foundation was set up by Bob Wilson (former Arsenal and England goalkeeper and TV pundit) and his wife Megs Wilson in memory of their daughter. The charity grants wishes to young people over the age of 16 who are suffering from a terminal illness.