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Why Haileybury needs a new astro

During the winter term at Haileybury it is the team spirit and determination that is the driving force of girls’ hockey. Captaining the 1st XI has been a fantastic way to end my time at Haileybury and whilst we have learnt from our disappointments, we have also, rightly, enjoyed the taste of success. One highlight in particular from the season so far would be the save in the top right hand corner made by Haileybury’s goalie from a penalty flick in the dying minutes of a well-fought and highly competitive battle against a strong Bishop’s Stortford side. We have most definitely been taught to come together as a team and to be proud of our home side and the facilities we have to offer to visiting teams.

The coaching we receive on a regular basis has, and continues to be, of such a high standard and I know I am not alone in saying I have learnt a great number of skills that I will undoubtedly take with me when I move on from school. The facilities we have are magnificent and a new astroturf surface has seen a remarkable improvement in the standard of play by all. Therefore, I believe a supplementary astroturf would be such a fantastic addition to both sporting and social aspects of Haileybury life. It’s just a shame that I won’t be here to make use of and enjoy such a great opportunity!

Alice Coley