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What to do in the event of snow [updated]

Parents should be aware that, as a boarding school, Haileybury will remain open even during snowy conditions. With the majority of our staff living locally, lessons will proceed as normal. Parents of day pupils or parents of boarders who might be returning after exeat should make every effort to bring their children in for school as usual, but should not take un-necessary risks if the road conditions are too dangerous to travel. In the event that pupils cannot get in to school please make contact with the pupil’s HM. So far as is possible, the school’s bus routes will also continue to run as normal. If there are changes to this, they will be explained on the website, so parents are advised to check for updates.


While serious quantities of snow and ice remain on the ground, boys and girls should wear sensible, practical footwear. Please will parents of day pupils ensure that their son or daughter is wearing appropriate footwear for moving around the school site in wet and potentially slippery conditions.