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Weekend of experience for new U13 lacrosse team

The U13 lacrosse team last Saturday played its first ever fixture, against Berkhamstead, gelling nicely and captains Megan Hood and Sonali Mackenna reported that the entire team had a great time.

The 2nds also had a strong result, winning 4-3. Franziska Reutter had a particularly good game, putting away two shots, while Ashling Coyle and Kara Stone added their contributions.

The 1st XII had a very close match, with both sides answering with swift attacks and strong defensive strategies. Extra intensity was brought on by Lauren Smith and Aly Cobb who wanted to defeat their old side. The goalie, Sarah Peters-Harrison, got quite a work-out, keeping out some very sneaky shots. In the end, the score stood at 5-6, a narrow win for our opponents.

On Sunday, the U13s travelled to an 8-a-side festival where they played seven matches. At first, the girls were surprised at the sheer size of some of their opponents, but soon the aggressive middies like Ella Gaskell, Megan Hood and Isabel Hunt made their presence felt. On the other side of the pitch, Livia Bridgman-Baker was very effective as point and even swapped in for Hannah Ogene. Hannah really showed her character when, despite the fact that a wasp was caught in her helmet and eventually stung her face, she still went on to make several critical saves. Overall, the girls played a terrific day’s worth of lacrosse and should be proud of their achievements.

At county level, Lauren Smith got her first cap with the U18 As who beat Kent, and Charis Bridgman-Baker played a very good game for the U15s who unfortunately lost.

Next weekend, the U13s play Chigwell at 10am and the 1sts and 2nds play Uppingham at 2.45pm. All of next week’s matches will be at home, in addition to the Lacrosse Tour to Prague meeting at 12 noon in the Pavilion.