VIDEO: Pupil's homemade sanitiser protecting people in orphanages and care homes

A Haileybury pupil has joined the fight against the coronavirus in Casablanca by concocting her own sanitising solution.

Lower Sixth pupil Sara sourced the necessary components from a laboratory equipment supplier and set about creating the mix in her kitchen at home.

Closely following instructions provided on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website, she mixed ethanol, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin before leaving it to sit for three days.

Sara then distributed five litre bottles to orphanages and care homes across the city where people are required to soak their shoes in the solution before entering.

“Sanitiser is so important because it is necessary for all establishments to carry and to distribute it,” she said. “I thought I would try to help with that by making my own.

“Covid-19 has been challenging for the many people living in Casablanca. The government put in lockdown measures and took precautions very early on so, thankfully, a lot of progress has been made. The government has also been manufacturing masks to distribute for very cheap so that everyone can be safe.”

Sara took on the challenge as part of the Creativity, Action and Service element of her IB diploma programme.

Haileybury is ranked Top 10 in The Sunday Times league table for co-ed independent schools which offer the IB.