fbpx U15B netball win against Kimbolton - Haileybury

U15B netball win against Kimbolton

We were relaxed going into our match against Kimbolton after our big win last week against The Leys. The court was also a bit slippery, but playable, so care had to be taken. Even so, Stephanie Wainwright (GD) still managed some mighty slips! Katy Killen (GK) had the task of marking the tallest GS we have ever seen, and did very well in trying to match this enormous height. Unfortunately, the combination of all of these factors put us 3 – 4 down at the end of the first quarter.

After a little pep talk, efforts were upped for the second quarter. Natalie Englander (WA) was matching her WD much better and Dom Sivak (GA) and Hanna Bartholomew (GS) were dominating the D with their usual slickness and style. This enabled us to go into the lead 9 – 5 by the end of the quarter. Lauren Hewitt (WD) intelligently manipulated the space in the centre third and picked up many a loose ball. Kimbolton were not as confident handling the ball, allowing Haileybury to regain possession after many a turn over.

For the second half of the match our main aim was to keep possession. Lois Hunt (C), having spread herself like Nutella over the court in the first half suggested, via Dom, some new positions because we were doing so well and had fought back so valiantly. The third quarter therefore saw Dom, who was keen to try C, start the changes and thereby return Lois to her position of GD from last year. Both performed exceptionally in their new roles. Steph went from GD to WD and marked her opposing WA excellently. Lauren moved to GS and shot well from under some close marking. Hanna therefore moved to GA and stretched her legs a bit more with first-rate attacking play in the centre and shooting third. The quarter ended 13 – 5 to Haileybury.

This final quarter was the only quarter that Lauren didn’t have a toss up in (she had already had 5!) Hanna continued to add to the score line, scoring wonderful goals from some high pressure marking. Lois and Steph defended excellently, maintaining possession so much so that the ball only entered their third a couple of times. Nat had remained at WA this week and showed her versatility in either playing attacking or defending roles. The final score was 21 – 6.

This was a great match where we fought back and gradually extended our lead, with all players demonstrating versatility, determination and good spirit. A very good humoured match thoroughly enjoyed by all.