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This House would base university fees on the ability to pay

Or so said speakers from Thomason who launched the House debating competition this week by proposing just such a motion. Opponents Lawrence believed that ‘military service should not be glorified.’

House debating will continue into next week with each House collating points toward a final tally. The entire programme of motions is:

Monday 5th November
Thomason v Lawrence
Senior: This House would base university fees on ability to pay
Junior: This House believes that military service should not be glorified

Trevelyan v Albans
Senior: THW drastically cut Britain’s budget for overseas aid
Junior: THB that the government should name and shame tax avoiders

Wednesday 7th November
Kipling v Allenby
Senior: THW make unemployment benefit dependent on community service
Junior: THB that banning unhealthy food and drinks from being advertised at sporting events would benefit the world

Batten v Hailey
Senior: THW allow women to fight on the front line
Junior: THB that there should be no restrictions on ‘offensive language’

Friday 9th November
Edmonstone v Melvill
Senior: THW put Julian Assange on trial in the US for espionage
Junior: THB that Health and Safety Culture is ruining Britain

Bartle Frere v Colvin
Senior: THW allow performance enhancing drugs in professional sport
Junior: THB the government should pay for all IVF procedures

Monday 12th November – Junior House Semi-final
1. THW make tobacco a class A drug
2. THW end subsidies for sustainable energy

Wednesday 14th November – Senior House Semi-final
1. THW legalise the sale of human organs
2. THW offer immunity from prosecution for dictators in return for leaving power