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Making Music: the Haileybury pupil who brought festive cheer to Belmont View

Over the Christmas period, Lower Sixth pupil Lilibet initiated a CAS project, which involved playing piano and making Christmas cards for the elderly, at Belmont View care home. Lilibet chose Belmont View, because it is situated 1 mile away from Haileybury and already has a connection with the School.

Lilibet has always enjoyed playing the piano and it is one of the first instruments she learned to play; beginning lessons at 4 years of age. Lilibet also plays the flute, cello, organ and can sing, but it is the piano that has stuck with her throughout the years.

“I have always really enjoyed playing the piano; not necessarily pieces that I was preparing for an exam but random pieces that I had to hand or ones that I particularly liked.”

“I thought spirits of the residents in care homes are probably down and not in the Christmas mood; since they cannot see their family I thought by making a video of Christmas music, it could liven their day up.”

Alongside playing some festive songs, Lilibet also made some Christmas cards for those at Belmont View. Painted by hand, she created a design for each of the rooms at the care home.

“I used Gouache paints which I acquired last year during the first lockdown; since I had lots of time to spare I decided to start painting again. I spoke with the manager from Belmont View care home and she advised in making 7 cards since there were 7 lounges; I also decided to make each card different with a hint of something that related to the name of the lounge with the card itself. For example there is a lounge named ‘Willows’ – and I painted a willow tree on the cover of the card.”

The residents at Belmont View thoroughly enjoyed Lilibet’s performance and Christmas cards. The Manager at Belmont View added: “the residents approved greatly of Lilibet’s skills and were stimulated throughout which is always positive and heart-warming during these difficult times.”