fbpx The end of the year and Christmas cheer - Haileybury

The end of the year and Christmas cheer

From ice skating to gingerbread making, the festive season has been a joyous time for pupils and staff at Haileybury.

After a whirlwind of a year, our pupils were able to embrace the festive activities across the campus. Starting with Christmas trees being delivered to the houses, pupils were able to get creative and decorate their own trees.

Ice sculpting was a session that our pupils signed up for the talented team at Hamilton ice sculptors carved the Haileybury Hearts and Wings free-hand out of the ice. Pupils were put into teams of two and given a block of ice to carve their own creations. The ice skating rink was stationed on the terrace and was enjoyed by many different year groups, throughout the final week of term.

In amongst the outdoor activities, Haileybury pupils took part in musical performances such as the Michaelmas Concert and Crash into Christmas. Both were recorded and broadcasted for families and friends to watch at home. It was a great way of bringing people together and maintaining the Haileybury community.


Dining Hall has also transformed into a Christmas wonderland, with crackers on tables and an extravagant gingerbread village made by our very own pastry chef Andy and his assistants. The gingerbread village took a week and a half to make and has been a highlight for pupils as they have walked through Dining Hall.


Alongside the incredible gingerbread village, pupils have been able to enjoy a Christmas dinner. Our catering staff created characters out of vegetables and placed them alongside festive treats such as pretzel topped brownies and snowy cupcakes.

The pupils were not the only ones who enjoyed the festivities this month, our staff members took part in our annual tradition, Pastimes. From funny sketches to making their very own Tik Tok’s, it was a fantastic way to end the term and bring even more laughs and festivities to our pupils.