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Swine flu - information for parents

The message below was sent by the Master to all parents on 6 May 2009. The website will carry further information as and when it becomes available.

Dear Parents

In the context of the publicity surrounding the outbreak of H1N1 influenza ("Swine" Flu) and the government’s announcements, we want you to be aware of Haileybury’s response to this issue.

The School is well served by the Health Centre and is fortunate to have its own GP and Practice Manager. The School Doctor is in daily contact with the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and is acting on all the advice received. Currently there are no pupils showing any symptoms and the HPA advises that the illness cannot be spread when no symptoms are evident.

Haileybury has taken precautions which are designed to minimise the risk of any infection being transferred. Measures taken include altering cleaning regimes, providing improved cleaning agents and handwash gel. Posters will appear in Houses and other areas of the school. The HMs have been asked to impress upon the boys and girls the need to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, to use and dispose of tissues and to wash their hands regularly.

We need to ask parents to remain vigilant over this illness and, if boys or girls are unwell, to keep them at home and seek advice from their own GP rather than to return them to school. Parents should keep the Health Centre and the relevant HM informed in all such cases.

Parents should note that the school website will be used to communicate any change to the current situation and to give further information as necessary. In particular, an update will appear on the website concerning Half Term travel and the need for vigilance when returning pupils after the mid-term break.

Yours sincerely

Stuart Westley