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The Heritage Circle

The Heritage Circle is a supporters’ programme to bring together people who are interested in the School’s cultural, material and aesthetic heritage.

Each member’s valued support contributes to the care and conservation of Haileybury’s archives, collections, Library and historic spaces.

The aims of The Heritage Circle are:

  • Support the care and conservation of Haileybury’s archives, collections, Library and historic spaces.
  • Contribute to the development and interpretation of the collections.
  • Support the presentation of the cultural, educational, aesthetic and material heritage to the Haileybury and wider community.
  • To allow people to join a community of like-minded individuals and participate in the Circle’s events.

Supporting The Heritage Circle will allow the School to continue to expand and enrichen its collections.

In April 2023 we were able to acquire a portrait of Frederick John Shore (EIC 1816-17) by Arthur William Devis. This painting is an important addition to our collection of works of art.

Joining The Heritage Circle

Anyone can become a member of The Heritage Circle. Please complete this form to express your interest.

Members of the Circle are asked to consider becoming ‘Patrons’ and make a regular gift to one of the programmes listed below.

Members of The Heritage Circle will receive a copy of ‘Perspectives’, our publication devoted to the material and cultural heritage of the School and a quarterly newsletter about how their contribution has supported the heritage at Haileybury.

Specific historical and cultural events are offered to members of The Heritage Circle and their guests at Haileybury and other locations. The Circle’s annual events programme will include lectures, tours, handing sessions and special events.

The Heritage Fund

To help build a lasting legacy making an annual donation or a one-off gift will help develop a fund to support our aims and objectives.

The Heritage Fund allows Circle patrons to support a programme for the long-term care and development of our collections. By capitalising on the cultural and educational values of our collections we want to extend our research programmes and strengthen our engagement with the local community.

The Library Fund

Donations for the Library Fund allow us to make improvements to the Library and the collection held there.

The Library has been housed in one of William Wilkin’s magnificent public rooms since 1879. The needs of our library service and its users have led to a plan to return the space to its original beauty whilst making the facilities and technologies fit for purpose in the twenty first century.

Adopt an object

This scheme allows members of The Heritage Circle to support specific objects in our collections. The adoption of objects supports their conservation, housing and display. The scheme will cover all elements of the collections including manuscripts, books, ceramics, metalwork, textiles and artworks. Each November a list of items for adoption will be available to select from.

Patrons’ Project

The Patrons’ Projects are intended to fund the creation of new fine and decorative art works through the contribution of monthly/ annual sums or a one off donation. Work will be commissioned from emerging and established craftsmen and women. These projects will allow the present generation of the Haileybury community to build on the material heritage left by our predecessors. Projects could involve silverwork, bookbinding, glass painting, sculpture, calligraphy, painting, embroidery and textiles. Patrons would work with Toby Parker on identifying projects and selecting makers.

Support The Heritage Circle

If you are interested in joining this group or wish to find out more, please contact Toby Parker via t.parker@haileybury.com

To make a donation, you can do so by using our online donation form or by printing out the Direct Debit form and sending it back to Development Office, Haileybury, Hertford, SG13 7NU.