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Our Supporters

We would like to offer our thanks to everyone who has supported, pledged or is planning to leave a gift to Haileybury.


Please click here to see our 2022/23 Supporter List.

Current Supporters (2023/24)


Oscar Isaac Adelstein
Dr Anthony & Mrs Charlotte Aylwin
Hugo Bagnall-Oakeley
Baker Family
Colin Barber
Francesca Titus Brady
The Brady Family
Calum Bryce
Cammerman family
Cyrus Chu
Michael Clark
Nick Coates
Olivia, Alex and Elodie Cox
DAS STUDIO Family Hegner
The De Friend family
The De Quinnemar family 
T H W Dodwell
Jiqiang Dong
Sama Elwakili
Paul Emery
Ivan & Judy Ficenec
Foddis family 
John Franklin
Paul G
Canon Janet Gough OBE
The Goût family
Jahor Gupta
The Hart family
Bradley Hart
Elliott Hart
Matthew Hart
Lucie Head
Kate Hearle (nee Grose)
Rachel Hill
Amy Jamal
Lila Kaman
Lacombe Family
Priscillia Pia Lam
Banji Macaulay
Sir Clive Martin
Richard Munn
Chris & Lucy Murray
Prof John Murray
The Nothdurft family
Colin Parry
Annia & Alexander Rainer
Max Ren
Emily Robinson
Colonel Martin Romilly OBE
The Sambridge family
Paul & Amy Schneider
Emily Schwetje
Gabriela Seibel
Alicia Sharpner
Jesky Shen
Ainsley Stocker
Andrew Sutch
The Urwin Family
Sabine Walser
Zimiao Wang
S Waters
Xiaorong Zheng

Newton Apple Tree contributors 

Charlotte Foster
Lucie Head
The Jahr Family
Un Cheng Lao
Karen McKenna
Katie Mille
Natalie Pidduck
Paul & Amy Schneider
Neena Seehra
Lewis Simmonds
Rebecca Strong
Markos Trichas
Juliane Von Buelow
Belinda Warburton

Friends of Haileybury

Peter Bray (Kipling, 1961)
Jasper Crone
Nicholas Gilbert (Trevelyan, 1996)
Roland Gillott (Allenby, 1961)
Janet Gough
Amy Ledingham
Chris Lowe (Lawrence, 1962)
Joe McVeigh (Kipling 1976)
Catrin Mills
Michael J Poynter (Batten, 1966)
Gisbert Reuhl
Nigel Richardson
Sara and Jamie Richardson
Philip Sapwell (Edmonstone, 1950)
Benjamin Segal (Hailey, 1982)
Peter Thomas (Allenby, 1975)
Vivienne and Jim Thornton


Alan Batten (Trevelyan, 1932)
John Berry (Edmonstone, 1944)
Gerald Bird (ISC(B), 1933)
Ronald Borner (Colvin, 1926)
Nigel Broomfield (Batten, 1950)
Richard Burgess (ICS(C), 1939)
John Chick
Dr John Cook
Robert Clutterbuck (Bartle Frere, 1933)
Martin Domayne-Hayman (Thomason, 1939)
Brian Donner (Trevelyan, 1933)
Frank Russell Dore (Hailey, 1904)
James Douglas (Bartle Frere, 1933)
Peter Fergusson (Hailey, 1948)
John Filmer (Hailey, 1946)
Anthony Fowler (Batten, 1940)
William Frend (Thomason, 1929)
John Hall (Lawrence & Allenby, 1942)
David Pentreath (Allenby, 1946)
Jon Prance (Kipling, 1952)
Richard Rice (Bartle Frere, 1940)
John Smith (Lawrence, 1929)
David Smyth (Hailey, 1942)
Paul Smyth (Lawrence, 1950)
Bernard Stroud (Kipling, 1944)
Patrick Stuart-Williams (Lawrence, 1923)
Edward Symes (ICS(C), 1932)
Michael Thomas (Trevelyan, 1946)
Barry Thomas
Cyril Tite (Batten, 1927)
John Tomson (Colvin, 1923)
David Tschaikowsky (Melvill, 1946)
Thomas Tyrwhitt-Drake (Bartle Frere, 1940)
Susan Werner
Peter Wheeler (ISC(A), 1930)
Michael Young (Thomason, 1943)