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Mentoring at Haileybury offers a range of unique opportunities for pupils and alumni to connect and learn from one another as they progress through their education and careers.

The goal of the programme is to ensure that pupils continue to feel supported even once they leave the School. The Haileybury community provides access to an incredible global network with skills and expertise across sectors and industries. Mentoring at Haileybury enables pupils and alumni to make the most of their network and continue to benefit from these connections throughout their lives.  

The programme offers three levels of support for both current pupils and alumni: 

University Reps 

University Reps are a unique source of support available to pupils as they begin to think about life beyond Haileybury. These dedicated alumni contacts are available to answer questions and share their own experiences as pupils navigate their university applications and decisions. Pupils can contact their University Reps through a dedicated section on Haileybury Connect, in addition to opportunities to meet them during School events and university visits. Visit Haileybury Connect to see who our current University Reps are.

Flash Mentoring

Flash Mentoring is an online career support tool available to all alumni through Haileybury Connect. Flash Mentoring makes both offering and asking for support easy and accessible to the whole community. Recognising potential time constraints, the platform allows alumni to find their own mentor to help them with a specific request. From CV review to work experience, access to an online support network ensures that everyone can get involved, contribute and benefit from mentoring. Visit Haileybury Connect to request or offer support. 

Haileybury Leaders 

We are excited to be launching a brand new structured mentoring scheme, Haileybury Leaders. Successful applicants will be paired with a Haileybury mentor who has specific experience relevant to their career goals and aspirations. Mentees work with their mentors over the course of a year and receive tailored support and resources throughout. All participants will receive a bespoke information pack, recognition on the website, as well as invitations to special events as part of the programme. 

Mentoring at Haileybury relies on the ongoing participation and support of members of the Haileybury community. We are grateful to those who offer their time and expertise to help make the programme a success.

If you would like to learn more about the mentoring programme and how you can get involved, please visit Haileybury Connect or contact Philanthropy Manager, Marika Ison, m.ison@haileybury.com.