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Summer School FAQs

  • Who are the staff who will teach and support my child?

    We have a permanent Summer School Director who is supported by the Haileybury Operations Team, the Safeguarding and wider Pastoral Team and the Health and Safety Manager.

    The majority of the staff are recruited especially for the Summer School.  They have the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience for the role.  Haileybury has a strict Safer Recruitment Policy and all staff are thoroughly vetted and trained in safeguarding and welfare.  Some of the team members come from the wider school team and bring invaluable Haileybury experience to the summer programme.

    Some activities will be taught by external experts who will be supported by our team.  All external teachers and trainers have the appropriate safeguarding certificates, qualifications, insurance, and health and safety documents.

  • What are your ratios of staff to pupils?

    We have an overall ratio of 1:3. On excursions involving museums and walking tours, we have a minimum of 1:7 and on excursions to single site destinations such as a theme park, we have a minimum of 1:12.

  • Where will my child sleep?

    Most rooms are single, although there are a few double and triple rooms.  We can take, but not guarantee, any room assignment requests.

    Wi-Fi is available in the boarding Houses but will be switched off between 10pm and 7am so that pupils can have a good rest.

    All staff live on site and most live in the boarding Houses so there is always support.  Female staff live in female boarding Houses and male staff in male Houses.

  • Can my child share a bedroom with his/her friend?

    In order to give your child the best experience, to allow him/her to make new friends and speak as much English as naturally as possible, we recommend sharing with pupils from a different country and with a different first language.  We will, however, consider all requests.

  • What will my child eat?

    We provide three meals a day and snacks and water at break times. At each meal there are a number of different dishes and a fresh and varied salad bar. There will be some international dishes and the chance to try some traditional British dishes too. There will be a range of puddings to try but also fresh fruit at every meal.

  • Can you accommodate special diets?

    At all meal times, there will be a vegetarian option. We can accommodate other diets if we are given advance notice. Please let us know any specific requests when you enrol your child.

  • When will the lessons start?

    Because your child was tested before they enrolled, classes will start at 9 am on the first Monday morning.

  • Which class will my child be in?

    Pupils are assigned to classes depending on level and age. Language level can be varied as we all have different strengths and weaknesses; some pupils may be better at speaking or listening and others are better at writing or reading.

  • Can my child change their project class?

    The project is an ongoing learning process where pupils work in groups to achieve a task over two weeks.  It is not really possible to change projects mid-course.  If your child is unhappy with the project class, we request that they speak to the teacher, the Director of Studies or the Summer School Director so that we can help them.

  • Can my child change their Focus Activity class?

    The Focus Activity is an ongoing learning process where pupils work in groups to produce an outcome over the week.  It is not really possible to change activity mid-week.  In addition, there are limited places in some activities.  If your child is unhappy with the focus activity, we request that they speak to the Teacher, the Activity Manager or the Summer School Director so that we can help them.

  • If I bring my child to the School myself, where should we go to register?

    Please let us know in advance that you will bring your child to the School.  We will be able to give you directions to the School and the Summer School Office, and make sure someone is ready to greet you.

  • What will pupils do on excursions?

    On Saturday excursions, pupils will visit London and visit a museum to take part in a hands-on workshop followed by a ride on the London Eye or a Thames boat trip.  Some pupils will walk from one place to another which will give them the chance to see some of London’s famous sites such as Buckingham Palace or Trafalgar Square.

    On Wednesday, pupils might visit a museum for a workshop, take part in a walking tour, or enjoy a boat trip. On one Wednesday there will be some shopping time.

    Walking tours and museum workshops will be related to lesson content.

    On Sundays, pupils will be able to relax and have fun at a theme park or experience site.

    Pupils who stay for four weeks will enjoy a Saturday trip to an outdoor adventure centre.

    N.B. We reserve the right to change trip destinations due to weather, traffic or safety concerns

  • How much pocket money should my child bring?

    Everything is included in the cost (except for insurance) so pupils only need money for souvenirs, gifts and the odd snack. We recommend £50 – £100 per week. All cash must be in GBP as there are no change facilities near the School.

  • Should my child bring a laptop and mobile phone?

    Pupils do not need any expensive equipment so we recommend that laptops, jewellery etc. are left at home. We do understand that pupils will want to be in contact with family so a mobile phone is expected, and is useful on excursion days in case of emergency.

    Pupils should know that mobile phones cannot be used in lessons, during activities or in the Dining Hall.

    Please note, that pupils will not be given keys to bedrooms but they will be given a small, lockable space/box. Pupils should also bring a padlock.

  • Does my child need a visa?

    It is your responsibility to check and meet the visa requirements for your child.  Further information can be found on the UK Government website Check if you need a UK visa – GOV.UK or by contacting the UK Consulate or High Commission in your country.

    If you have any questions, you should contact the Summer School Admissions Team, who can advise you accordingly.

  • Can I or a member of the family take my child out during the course?

    Your child is here for a short period of time.  The course is planned to be fully immersive and if your child misses a class or an activity or an excursion, they will miss valuable interaction, input and possibly key information linked to a following class or activity. We recommend that pupils are not taken out of the Summer School programme.

  • What happens with my child’s medication?

    If your child brings any medicine, it must be prescribed by a doctor and labelled in English with clear instructions from the pharmacist.  You must give all medicine to your House Parent.  They will keep it safe and give it to your child when they need to take it. The only medicines your child can keep with them are epi-pens, insulin and inhalers, but you and your child must tell us about them, and your child must keep the medicines with them at all times not let any other pupil use them.

  • How much deposit do I need to pay to reserve a place on the course for my child?

    10% upon successful enrolment
    40% by March (or a full 50% deposit for bookings after March)
    50% (full balance) to be paid 6 weeks before the start of the course

  • What happens if I need to cancel the booking?

    If you cancel the course between 30 and 60 days before the start date, we will refund your deposit, minus £400.

    If you cancel the course between 30 and 7 days before the start date, you will lose the 50% and registration fee of £100.

    If you cancel the course less than 7 days before the start date, no refund will be made.

    We recommend that you take out insurance which includes cancellation cover.

  • How is Haileybury dealing with the COVID 19 situation?

    We continue to monitor the situation and follow the latest guidance from the British Government and Public Health England.