fbpx Science strategies shared at first conference of its kind - Haileybury

Science strategies shared at first conference of its kind

There was a meeting of minds as the science departments from Haileybury and partner school Haileybury Turnford came together for the first time.

Around 30 members of staff from both schools shared ideas on how to optimise learning and maximise their pupils’ potential.

Sam Williams is Haileybury Turnford’s Director of Science. “It was a real pleasure,” he said. “It’s about doing that little bit more in class, doing things differently.

“I think it was a really good opportunity to meet people and share best practice. It [the conference] provided a lot of helpful support but it was also nice to give something back. It’s a partnership after all.”

Areas covered included how to stretch the most able pupils, logging lab tests, Oxbridge training and the use of artificial intelligence. The conference was chaired by Arthur Kattavenos, Haileybury’s Head of Science.

Mr Williams added: “Everyone said that it was very interesting, very helpful, and we were pleased to have met more of the teachers at Haileybury.”

Haileybury has been supporting Haileybury Turnford since 2015. It does this by providing sponsorship, teaching support, university workshops, interview coaching, co-curricular opportunities, and work experience.

Following positive feedback, there are plans in place to hold subject-specific conferences in the future.