fbpx Scholarly prowess showcased at Academic Fair - Haileybury

Scholarly prowess showcased at Academic Fair

Haileybury’s corridors were alive with intellectual fervour this week as our School hosted its annual Academic Fair. This highly anticipated event showcased the impressive research and scholarly pursuits of Haileyburians across all year groups. The centrepiece was the SciTech Cloisters, where over 50 university-level research posters were proudly displayed. These covered diverse topics, from ‘the resilience of tardigrades’ to ‘the impact of social media influencers on teenage skincare routines’. The exhibition demonstrated the depth of knowledge our pupils have acquired and the advanced nature of their work.

One highlight was the lineup of six selected speakers who captivated attendees with insightful presentations on topics like cold nuclear fusion, a Russian ballet producer and genetically modified bacteria. The enthusiasm from pupils was remarkable. They eagerly presented projects, showcasing passion for learning and articulating complex ideas confidently—in part due to our School’s commitment to oracy.

As the fair closed, select students received special acknowledgement from the Master, recognising exceptional achievements and scholarly contributions.