fbpx Sailing team wins area championship - Haileybury

Sailing team wins area championship

The Haileybury CCF RN sailing team has again won the Area Championship, held in London’s Docklands on Sunday, 23 March.

The gathering consisted of separate 420 and Topper dinghy races. Although our team didn’t win either the 420 or the Topper championship, we were nevertheless judged the best overall team by a significant margin.

For each race, sailors are awarded points equal to their finishing position, explains teacher-in-charge, Pat Crook. At the end of all races (eight in this case), all the points are added up to find winners in each category, and then 420 and Topper points are added to find the winning team (lowest points wins!).

The 420 winners were Langley in Norwich and the Topper winners were Royal Hospital School, Ipswich but Haileybury came out on top because of a second placing in the 420 section, and several very high places in the Topper races.

The team was:
420: Duncan Ker-Reid (Th) and Harry Smith (K)
Topper: James Taylor (K), Matt Taylor (K), Richard Smith (Th) and Tom Hollington (BFr).