fbpx Sailing team brings home the silver trophy - Haileybury

Sailing team brings home the silver trophy

Haileybury’s sailing team performed brilliantly on Saturday at the BSDRA Eastern gathering, winning five of their six races and taking away the silver trophy as a result.

Haileybury finished with the best win-loss ratio of any team and they were rightly delighted to have done so well.

For Harry McVicar and George Fuest it was particularly fitting that they ended on such a high. They have sailed together in the 1st VI for nearly five years. They were probably the most successful pair of all 36 pairs at the whole event, coming 1st in five races and 2nd in the other.

The team consisted of:

Harry McVicar
George Fuest
Rhiannon Massey
Joanna Hawes
Owen Liggett
Will Massey