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Running for a cause: Haileybury pupil raises money for cancer charity

Last term, Lower Sixth pupil Carolin set up a running challenge, to raise money for a local cancer charity in her town in Germany. Over the course of six weeks, Carolin and others within her town began running and for every kilometre that they ran, they would make a donation. The money was collected over the course of the challenge and then donated as one sum after the six-week period.

When asked why she wanted to set up the challenge, Carolin said, “I came up with the idea of doing a running challenge because I wanted to motivate people to go out and be active during the lockdown. I have enjoyed running since I was a little girl and I have competed professionally in athletics too.”

Carolin believed it was important to encourage others to be active and do something nice for themselves, whilst helping others and contributing to the community. In total, Carolin was able to encourage 20 other people from her community to participate.

When asked to explain more about her chosen charity, Carolin said, “The organisation is a cancer foundation in my town in Germany, which focuses on researching new methods to cure cancer; especially for children. They also give support to families who have children with cancer.”

In total, Carolin successfully raised 3000€, which is a fantastic achievement. She said “In the beginning, I was aiming to raise 1500€, but I ended up with nearly 3000€ which I was really impressed with.”

Congratulations to Carolin for this fantastic initiative, we look forward to seeing her take on more challenges in the future.