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“A famous name in public school education, Haileybury has become equally renowned for its enthusiastic participation in the IB, which was launched in 1998 ‘to provide a broader curriculum’ and continues to flourish here despite floundering elsewhere. Co-curricular activities are very much part of Haileybury’s raison d’etre and for many families, it’s why they choose the school…”

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Muddy Stilettos

“Blimey, where to start? This is a school that feels like it has everything. Every single department has a wow factor and many have been recently refurbished or are brand new. The dedicated Modern Foreign Languages department is impressive with French, Spanish, German and Italian all on the menu. The science building has 20 labs…”

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“This is a close-knit yet outward looking school: ‘What I love most is the sense of community in every department and house,’ attests one pupil. ‘I also love the diversity here; as you walk around the school you can hear pupils talking to each other in many different languages!’ The food, made from locally sourced produce (the cheese comes from a shop in Buntingford; the meat from a nearby farm) is always delicious…”

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