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Reflecting on Black History Month

Reflecting on black history month, Lower School pupils were given a task to research around this topic, from researching a person, event or movement and presenting it in the form of their choosing. Lower School pupil Oscar responded to this task with an outstanding poem.

Philip Craven Head of History said, “It is entirely his own work and he was superbly engaged with BHM, even coming to some extra talks during the two weeks we had in school. I am really impressed not just with the history behind his poem but with the maturity with which he was able to tackle a tough and challenging topic”.

As I tread along the track
With this cotton-filled sack
I think to myself is there more
Will my hands always be sore?

Should I be out here all day?
Ripped clothes but no pay
I can’t do this today
But the men in power all say:

You’re gone, you’re beaten down
But even as they say these don’t frown

Then I think that
I’ve seen this before
In past generations
And so many more

As I was running
I think I found
The railroad of
the Underground 

But I couldn’t just leave
I had to help,
my family
had stayed in hell
Then I became
The underground captain
helped my family escape
The hell they were trapped in

I was captured
many times
but I never ever
let it break my stride

Even as I am beaten
And even as I am broken
I’ll never release
What I’ve been hoping

-Oscar, Lower School 2