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Record A2 Results

"The excellent A2 results published today reflect an enormous amount of hard work on the part of both pupils and staff and represent a further substantial step towards the school’s achievement of its three aims, namely 1. to grow the school; 2. to strengthen boarding; 3. to raise the level of pupils’ achievements." Stuart Westley, The Master.

Using the most common statistical index – the proportion of subject entries at A or B – the A2 results are the best ever by a considerable margin. A and B grades make up 65% of the total subjects taken this year as opposed to 55% last year and 58% in 2000 and 20% of this year’s A2 pupils achieved A grades in either 3 or 4 subjects. The school is understandably very proud of all their achievements and looks forward to following their careers in the future. Provisional GCSE results will be published on the website as soon as they are available on Thursday, 22nd August.