fbpx Record A-Level Success - Haileybury

Record A-Level Success

A Level pupils at Haileybury have emphasised the continued strengthening of the school by posting record A Level results and a 100% pass rate. There has been an almost 10% increase in the percentage of A Level grades at A or B at 82,1%, up from 72,5% in 2007.

In addition, the average IB point score was 35.4, up from 34.9 in 2007. The average UCAS point score per pupil is 403.77 and the UCAS points per subject is 101.70.

The percentage of A grades is 49.7%, a very substantial advance on the previous best, 43.5% in 2005.

One candidate – Ben Chiu (Tr) achieved 5 As, while six got 4 As – Christopher Allen (L), Jamie Bennett (Th), Daniel Duckworth (B), Adrian Teng (B), Scott Woods (Th) and Ji-Hoon Yang (E).

Eighteen pupils achieved 3 As: Lucie Agass (C), Hanna Bartholomew (Aby), Amy Bennett (Aby), Victoria Carrington (M), Ashling Coyle (Alb), Natalie Englander (H), Rose Featherby (M), Scarlett Forwood (Aby), Kwong Yin Lau (B), Francesco Lupis (K), Violet McConville (Aby), James Olley (E), Lucy Portsmouth (C), David Pryde (L), Jemima Stacey (M), Jonty Usborne (K), Jack Wareing (B) and Wai Chung Wong (K).

In total, 25 out of 91 candidates achieved 3 As or better.

The Master, Stuart Westley, says: "The Haileybury community is delighted at these exceptional results, which are the best ever by a substantial margin. If one takes into account these excellent results, the increase in the number of pupils and of boarders, there is clear evidence that Haileybury is continuing to strengthen."

Pupils also achieved exceptional AS Level results, with one pupil, Danna He (Alb), achieving 100% for all her Mathematics modules, as well as achieving A grades in Economics, Chinese and Physics. Other AS top scorers include Ammar Khalid (Tr) (4 As), Elizabeth Brown (M) (4 As), Philip Blazquez (E) (4 As), Daniele Guerrieri (L) (5 As), Charlotte Phillips (C) (4 As), Felix Rennie (Th) (4 As), Clementine Reed (H) (4 As), Tim Stoten (K) (4 As), Herbert Swaniker (Th) (4 As), James Turing (E) (5 As), Lauren Wainwright (Aby) (4 As) and James Warner Smith (L) (4 As).

A breakdown of this year’s results.