fbpx Pupils attend MUN conference in Athens - Haileybury

Pupils attend MUN conference in Athens

A group of Haileybury pupils attended the DSAMUN09 conference in Athens over half term. One of the delegates, Harry Sheehan, writes of the experience:

“The Athens conference is very different from all of the other MUN conferences attended by Haileybury delegates. Aside from the fact that it is in Greece, we are always surprised by the differences in style and the flow of the conference. However, neither of these seemed to pose any difficulty for the Haileybury contingent.

From my position as a Judge in the International Court of Justice, I was delighted to see some spectacular successes by Annie Woodcock and Abby Rowe, both of whom are fast on the road to becoming excellent MUNers. Annie Woodcock achieved the enviable feat of being the first delegate in the conference to have her proposal approved and Abby ended the conference spectacularly by being voted one of the very best delegates.

Jamie Ainsworth and Andrew Hamilton – our youngest delegates – though lacking the others’ experience, performed superbly and with great aplomb. Will Jinks and Natasha Kumar were also noted for their excellent work as the Chair of the Economic and Cultural Committee and Head of the Conference Press Team respectively.

DSAMUN09 was an excellent occasion and a brilliant experience for myself as well as for all those who went on the trip and I hope the experience will be open for many future Haileybury delegates in the years to come.

I would like to thank Miss Kaye and Miss Davis for accompanying us and helping throughout the preparatory stages; but the most thanks must go to Michael Perrins who not only accompanied us but dealt with all the administrative issues both during the conference and beforehand.”