fbpx Public sector strike plans for Haileybury - Haileybury

Public sector strike plans for Haileybury

Haileybury will continue to function with lessons and extra-curricular activities going ahead throughout the day during tomorrow’s public sector workers strike.

Says Joe Davies, Master of Haileybury: "I share concerns in the independent education sector over the possible changes in the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme, especially the proposed exclusion of independent school teachers from the scheme.

"The whole thrust of Government policy over the last 10 – 15 years has been to encourage closer collaboration between the maintained and independent sectors. To exclude independent school teachers from the TPA would go against this policy completely. The Coalition Government has, in particular, been encouraging leading independent boarding schools to consider sponsoring the setting up of academies. We welcome this kind of close collaboration and urge the government to make clear its commitment to keeping independent school teachers in the TPA for the foreseeable future.

"Haileybury teachers have taken a close interest in these developments and in the ongoing pensions negotiations. With due concern for their pupils, they have agreed with management that any disruption to the workings of the school on 30 November will be kept to a minimum. Lessons will be taught and work and prep will be set as usual, with teachers covering the lessons of colleagues who are away. Day pupils should attend school in the usual way. As was the case back in June, it has been agreed that a total of up to 12 teaching staff will join the march in Hertford beginning at 11:30 am."