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Celebrating performances to remember this term

Rounding up an unusual year, Haileybury pupils took part in some fantastic performances this term. From drama productions to concerts and live music performances, pupils have thoroughly entertained the community. Every performance was streamed, enabling people from all of the world to tune in and watch their children or peers.

Middles and Removes took part in two Alan Ayckbourn productions, ‘Gizmo’ and ‘Confusions’, which were performed in The Ayckbourn Theatre. ‘Gizmo’, was a whirlwind of science and comedy. The audience followed the story of Jen, a paralysed woman who had the ‘Gizmo’ inserted into her brain. The ‘Gizmo’ is controlled by a watch, which makes Jen mimic the actions of the wearer. When the watch falls into the wrong hands, the audience were witness to a showdown of drama and comedy.


‘Confusions’ was another impressive performance, performed by Middles. Consisting of 5 one act plays, pupils acted out 5 different story lines in which the characters all cross over in one way or another. Exploring topics such as affairs and isolation in a comedic way, the pupils demonstrated an exceptional use of characterisation.

Pupils from all year groups and houses took part in the Michaelmas and Crash into Christmas concerts this year, bringing more Christmas cheer to Haileybury amongst the other festivities. Watchers enjoyed outstanding solo performances alongside visionary offerings from the piano trio, L6 string quartet, viola, and clarinet. Other performances that captured the eyes of the community were three Live at Bradby Hall concerts. One celebrating Beethoven 250; the performance was streamed live and bought light to the remarkable talents of the musicians involved.

Both pupils and staff are excited to see what is to come next year.