fbpx Online system for setting work now accessible - Haileybury

Online system for setting work now accessible

In the current situation with the volcanic ash cloud continuing to cause travel disruption and meaning that a substantial number of Haileybury boys and girls are unable to return to school, we have set up a system to help those of you who are stranded to keep up to date with your work during this important period as we move towards the public examinations.

An attachment showing pupils how the system will operate has been emailed to all parents. Please read it carefully and follow the instructions. It shows pupils how they can obtain access to their own files stored on the school’s H drive and also to a folder where teachers will be posting details of the work being done in school while they are away.

Teachers will be posting work in the appropriate folders for pupils to access. Updates should appear by 7pm each day so pupils would be well advised to check the relevant folders on a daily basis.

They can send in completed work as e-mail attachments direct to their teachers or e-mail them with enquiries about any points of revision about which they are uncertain.

We do, of course realise that some pupils may be in locations where they will not have access to all their books and folders and that some may not be able to get regular internet access, but we do hope that this system will provide helpful and reassuring support and guidance in the current set of circumstances.